A Place To Remember – Boyce Thompson Arboretum 2022

Betty Schriver- A Place to Remember

A scene from a recent visit to Boyce Thompson Arboretum at Superior, Arizona, about an hour drive from Mesa. If you are in the Phoenix area and looking for a way to spend the day, this is a must see to capture all the feeling and beauty of desert landscapes in one place! It also shows botanicals from other desert locations. Beautiful trails including cliffs, waterways, manmade viewing structures. If you are staying a while in Arizona, I would get a pass and come multiple times!

Two more weeks in Arizona, so much opportunity for painting, so little time!

I Stand with Ukraine

Betty Schriver - I Stand With Ukraine
Betty Schriver – I Stand With Ukraine 11×14″ acrylic on canvas sheet, unframed. SOLD

I am a fourth generation Ukrainian Canadian. Despite never being to Ukraine, or meeting any of my potential relatives there, I feel a connection to my historical roots and to their struggles. I was lucky to have great grandparents that chose to immigrate to Canada before the turn of the century, and I grew up in a small farming community in Alberta where the Ukrainian heritage was prevalent, through language, food, culture and art. The Ukrainian identity was strong within Canada, even after 4 generations. Most Ukrainians left Ukraine with the opportunities Canada provided, but also because they wanted the freedom to live their lives as they chose. Today, my heart is full of pride for the bravery and determination the Ukrainian people have shown in their fight to keep their identity and country, but also sadness, for the price they are paying trying to keep a freedom that the rest of us already have.

This art piece was a way for me to see light amongst so much darkness. The underpainting starts with breaking composition rules with creating a skyline halfway through the painting. The design of is intended to represent the Ukrainian Flag, with further use of the National flower of Ukraine, the sunflower, as its subject. It is painted in acrylics on a 11 x 14″ Canvas sheet and named ” I Stand with Ukraine”.

In support of Ukraine, I will donate 100% proceeds from the sale of this art piece to go to the Canadian Red Cross – Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis Appeal. I’ve attached a link below. You can contact me if you are interested.

UPDATE: Painting is sold and donation has been made.


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