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Art shown is original one of a kind art.  Art available for sale may be purchased by completing the Contact Me form and I will contact you via email or phone regarding any information you require.    Thank you for visiting my page and enjoy the art!

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One of my favourite mountains in Arizona. The red rock is distinctive in the Mesa area, similar to Sedona colours, but can be seen readily from central Mesa looking north.
Betty Schriver – Red Mountain 12×16” acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas $169

This is a common scene viewed in a variety of locations here in the Phoenix area. A saguaro overlooking its desert lands like a guard on duty.
Betty Schriver – Living on the Edge 8×10” acrylic painting on canvas board. $80 unframed, $100 framed

I’m not sure how the desert birds find comfort sitting on a cactus, but perhaps the safety they feel with the thorns around them to protect them out ways the discomfort.

Betty Schriver – You Can’t Touch Me – 9 x 12″ Acrylic on canvasboard. framed in black floating frame- $138.

The Salt River near Mesa Arizona, is known for it’s wild horses, but this particular day, the mammal was showing it’s calmer side. 16 x 20″ Acrylic on Canvas board $265, framed $295

When the storm meets the sunset over Alberta Canola fields. Stormy skies of Alberta can be breathtaking!

Betty Schriver – Storm Meets the Sunset 11 x 14″ canvas board. SOLD

Landscapes of Beaumont-a trio of mini paintings (6”x6”) beautifully framed to capture a variety of views around the Beaumont/Leduc area.

Betty Schriver-Landscapes of Beaumont Area. Acrylic mini paintings on canvas board, framed in frosted glass shadow box lined with archival Matt board. $175

Town and Country is the name of this painting, and it’s a reflection of the perfect blend of the two, I feel living here in Beaumont.

Betty Schriver – Town and Country 11 x 14″ acrylic on canvas board. SOLD

This sailboat was buoyed out on the Shuswap until one cold winter caused the lake to ice over, and tragically sunk the sailboat. I missed it’s view once that occurred but was happy to have gotten a great photo of it during a sunset before the event.

Betty Schriver – Shuswap Sailboat – 11 x 14″ Acrylic on canvas board. $145

The ponds and little lakes are such inspiration for painting, and they are a plenty in the Leduc County area. The play of light reflecting off it’s surrounding can be mesmerizing! This little 6 x 6″ acrylic is titled “The Bachelor”.

Betty Schriver – The Bachelor – 6 x 6″ acrylic on canvas board, $49

The waves and movement of ocean water can be mesmerizing, I imagine even for the birds. He stood there a long time allowing me to take a photo for the reference of this painting. At Laguna beach.

Betty Schriver – The Watchtower – 16×20″ acrylic on metallic gold primed gallery canvas. $265.

One of the things I love about living in Beaumont is that you literally could ride your bike out of town in ten minutes and be on country roads that have views like this.

Betty Schriver – The Barn on the Hill – 11 x 14 acrylic on a canvas sheet, $145

This art piece was a way for me to see light amongst so much darkness during the Russian/Ukrainian war. The underpainting starts with breaking composition rules with creating a skyline halfway through the painting. The design of is intended to represent the Ukrainian Flag, with further use of the National flower of Ukraine, the sunflower, as its subject. It is painted in acrylics on a 11 x 14″ Canvas sheet and named ” I Stand with Ukraine”.  SOLD

In support of Ukraine, 100% proceeds were donated from the sale of this art piece to go to the Canadian Red Cross – Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis Appeal.

Betty Schriver - I Stand With Ukraine

Morning Sunrise in Apache Junction, near Mesa Arizona. Arizona is known for some of the best sunrises and sunsets in the world.

Betty Schriver – Apache Junction Sunrise, 11×14 Acrylic on canvas board, $145 Framed in Black Wood Frame $185

After the harvest, and just before winter, a few stray grasses adorn a fence post, enjoying the sun and thankful of their escape. My reference photo was taken on a early morning drive in Leduc County.

Betty Schriver – A Little Bit of Alberta. 8 x 10 acrylic on canvas board. Unframed $80; Framed in handmade barn wood frame $100.

While painting this piece, I had a lot of time to think about the sacrifices made for my freedom. Thank you to Terence Porter for his beautiful photo reference that inspired me.

11×14″ acrylic on canvas board. $145

This painting was done during a Mike Svob workshop. If you know Mike’s work, it’s full of bold colour and unique shapes and design, and it was inspirational to watch him work! My reference photo was from a walk on the trail perimeter of Jackie Parker Park in Edmonton, where we love to take our dog for a walk.

Betty Schriver – A View from the Bridge, 11×14 acrylic on canvas board, unframed $145

Betty Schriver - Morning Winter Chickadee (photo ref: Mike Blevins)

This furry little bird was inspired by a photo of Mike Blevins. I loved how the sun kissed the bird and the straw like grasses that peaked through the snow!

Betty Schriver – Morning Winter Bird – 12″ square acrylic on canvas – $145

On a travel expedition to the Sunshine Coast, I came about this row boat tied to the dock. It seemed to be saying “I need to be out there with all the big boats”, but it’s ropes were keeping it snug and safe to the dock. Metaphor of life really, when you are growing up.

Betty Schriver – Set Me Free – 24″ square acrylic on gallery canvas – SOLD. ( prints available upon request)

Betty Schriver - Set Me Free

During a beautiful spring day, I managed to capture the light reflecting off the tulips and tableware just before guests were arriving for dinner. This painting captures the light changes on the petals and glassware of that amazing spring sun we all enjoy after a cold winter in Canada.

Betty Schriver – Springtime Dinner – 18×24″ framed in a silver gray wood frame, acrylic on canvas, $350

During a trip to Tofino, B.C. we enjoyed watching the surfers. At one point a beautiful woman walked out with her surfboard in arm, with a look of determination and focus, as if she was staring down the waves to say ” I got you”.

Betty Schriver – Determination – 16 x 20″ natural wood framed acrylic on canvas, $265

Betty Schriver - Determination
Betty Schriver - Autumn Alberta Sky

Alberta skies are some of the most beautiful skies in Canada. The flat prairies just seem to frame them to enable them to show all their beauty! This piece was done at a Jonn Einnersen workshop.

Betty Schriver – Autumn Alberta Sky – 16X20″ acrylic and oil on gallery canvas, $350

The story of the life of a sockeye salmon and its miraculous trip from the pacific to the Adams River tributaries is one that never gets old to me. This is a scene from the Flume Trail in Scotch Creek B.C. I painted it in a Jonn Einerssen workshop when living in BC. Its now available at “Love is Blind Bay” gift shop in Blind Bay, B.C.

Spawning Time at the Flume Trail – 18 x 24″ acrylic on gallery canvas – $250

Betty Schriver - Spawning Time at the Flume Trail
Betty Schriver - Carlin Horses

On the way back home from Salmon Arm, these two horses regularly rested under the large pine tree overlooking “their” property. It was one of my favourite things to look out for on the car ride home.

Betty Schriver – Carlin Horses – framed 12″ square acrylic on canvas $150

Textured and full of colour, a tribute to the Sockeye Salmon Run that I had the blessing to be able to witness while living in the Shuswap.

Betty Schriver – Let’s Do the Damn Thing! – 12″ square acrylic on canvas (unframed) – $125

Betty Schriver - Let's Do the Damn Thing!
Betty Schriver - 100 Yr Anniversary of Vimy Ridge

Painted for the 100 year anniversary of Vimy Ridge. Visiting France and learning more detail history of the sacrifices so many Canadians made to change the outcome of WWI was something I’ll never forget. The war memorial stands tall to  dedicated to the memory of Canadian Expeditionary Force members and for Canadian soldiers of the First World War killed or presumed dead in France who have no known grave. 

Betty Schriver – 100 Yr Anniversary of Vimy Ridge – framed 11 x 14″ acrylic on canvas – $190

2013 I had the opportunity to visit Europe and loved the little outdoor sitting areas amongst the tall old European buildings. This painting is done on a black impasto type medium on a gallery canvas giving it lots of texture and reflective light.

Betty Schriver – European Evening 16×20 Acrylic with Texture Mediums Gallery Wrap Canvas $350

Betty Schriver - European Evening 16×20 Acrylic with Texture Mediums Gallery Wrap Canvas $350
Betty Schriver - Spanish Evening

The stairs to this off-centred building and unusual bends, created an interesting composition for this painting. Painted on black impasto texture medium.

Betty Schriver – Spanish Evening 18×24″ acrylic on canvas (unframed) – $260

One of my earlier paintings, I hung this for a few years in my sunroom just over the exact spot the deer came out of the woods into our yard. Oldie but goodie.

Betty Schriver – Out of the Woods – 16 x 20″ acrylic, framed – $275

Betty Schriver - Out of the Woods
Betty Schriver - Arizona Scene

Apache Junction provided for a lot of wonderful desert textured scenes…what is more textural than a cactus!!! Our snowbird visits to Arizona is like a fresh breath of air while making my art.

Betty Schriver – Arizona Scene – 11 x 14″ framed acrylic on canvas – $150

This little guy was spotted at Demilles in Salmon arm where I was able to get a great shot of him. When I painted him I thought of Thumper, in the Disney movie Bambi, and decided to add some clover! Perfect little original painting for a child’s room.

Betty Schriver – Bunny in Clover – framed 8 inch square acrylic on canvas board – $78

Betty Schriver - Moody Copper Island

On a foggy day in the Shuswap, Copper Island is surrounded with misty fog reflective the light and shadows all around it. The softness it creates around hard rock is mesmerizing. This painting was done using minimal palette of Golden Cadmium Red Light, Paynes Grey, and white.

Betty Schriver – Moody Copper Island 11×14 Acrylic, framed, $170


  1. I especially appreciate and enjoy your European Evening and Spanish Evening paintings, Betty. I’ll get busy and sell some of my photography so I can purchase your paintings :). Jerre


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