And Spring Has Sprung, Or Has It?

In Alberta, you never know quite when winter has ended. You are enjoying a nice warm day walking on trails, no snow to be seen, and then the next day you’re searching for your winter jacket, boots, and mitts to do the same thing! But some of the best things about spring are slowly appearing. The pond has melted, reflecting the grasses that are slowly turning green. Our Canada geese are looking for nesting areas, and our white rabbits are turning brownish. And the talk about gardens and plants and flowers is real….yes I want to see some flowers! These apple blossoms were from reference and a demo of Dianna Shyne’s; part of the Acrylic University. My flowers seemed to decide to go their own way, but it was fine, not all flowers need to appear exactly as the reference! I can’t wait to see our apple tree blossoms and start planting flowers! Are you planting flowers yet where you are located?

Betty Schriver - Apple Blossoms in Spring
Betty Schriver – Apple Blossoms in Spring
Photo Ref: Jed Dorsey – Acrylic University

By Betty Schriver

Artist living in Beaumont AB

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