Encaustic Memories

I recently had the privilege of participating in a art course involving a new medium, encaustic wax. The class was about creating a memoir where you create a collage including some of your memory photos and used different textures of paper, objects, and mark making to intuitively create art. I was amazed at how well everyone’s art piece turned out! Thank you to Donna Hanson, encaustic artist extraordinaire, for the generous sharing of her knowledge and expertise as well as the crazy amount of materials and ideas she has that enable our creativity to soar!

I also want to thank the City of Camrose for supporting the arts with it’s beautiful Chuck MacLean Art Centre! It’s a place where people can meet to create, share time and knowledge. Art brings people together, but it needs a home, and I’m glad the City of Camrose recognizes that.

By Betty Schriver

Artist living in Beaumont AB

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